‘Mythic Legends’ is a New Strategy RPG from Hyper Dot Studios and Outfit7, Out Now on iOS and Android

Outfit7 has announced the official launch of Mythic Legends, letting players dive into a brand new strategy RPG on mobile. Published by Hyper Dot Studios, the adrenaline-pumping new title features bountiful rewards, powerful decks of epic proportions and exhilarating multiplayer combat.

In Mythic Legends, players can expect to enjoy their favorite aspects of RPGs, auto chess, mobile RTS games and strategy titles and engage in epic fights on the Battle Board. They’ll build their armies, figure out the most efficient battle formations and unlock different Champions’ Origins and Classes to win ultimate bragging rights in the arena.

Mythic Legends is unlike anything we’ve ever created – or that’s existed on the mobile platform,” says Xinyu Qian, CEO of Outfit7. “Strategy games can sometimes feel daunting to get into, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the genre. But Mythic Legends encourages you to learn, offering a powerfully fun gameplay experience that’s packed with rewards and challenges. You can have a minute of action, or settle in and play for hours, optimizing the synergies of your fighters, dominating the Battle Board, and rising through the ranks.”

Ready to unleash your might against your foes today? You can download Mythic Legends on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices, or visit the official website for more info.


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