‘King Rabbit – Race’ Launching on Mobile and PC in June, Available for Pre-Order Now

We are big fans of all things King Rabbit around these parts. From the very first game known as Furdemption way back in 2015, to its sequel King Rabbit in 2016, which was later renamed King Rabbit – Classic to make way for THAT game’s sequel in 2020 titled simply… King Rabbit. Confusing? Kind of, but those original two releases were taken off the App Store to help eliminate some of that confusion when the third game launched. The King Rabbit that is on the App Store now pretty much replaces the previous two games anyway since it’s fully cross-platform and has a robust level editor with literally thousands upon thousands of levels to play. It’s really the only King Rabbit you need. Well, the only King Rabbit puzzle game you need, I should say. For the past couple of years, developer RareSloth has been working on a new type of King Rabbit game, this one titled King Rabbit – Race.

The idea is that it takes the same sort of grid-based movement of the previous games, as well as all the deadly traps, and pits you against other players in endless levels to see who can travel the furthest. There are two versions of this in the game. Daily Challenge has all players playing the same randomly generated level each day and the top 10 racers at the end of the day win a prize. Then there is Trophy Race where you can race against other players in an endless supply of randomly generated levels and earn trophies for how well you do, with a leaderboard for those who can amass the most trophies. One very cool feature in King Rabbit – Race is that it will sync with the previous game, now renamed King Rabbit – Puzzle, so you can bring all your gold, gems, and items over using your King Rabbit Account. Yes, I know, another name change, but it’s for a good cause. If you were a fan of any previous King Rabbit games and racing rabbits sounds good to you, you can pre-order the iOS version here or the Android version here, or Wishlist it on Steam if you’d rather play on Mac or Windows, and look for King Rabbit – Race to officially launch sometime in June.

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