‘Jurassic World Primal Ops’ is a Hero Collector RPG Battler Where the Heroes are Dinosaurs, Coming to Mobile Soon

Did you know that there’s a new Jurassic World movie coming out in just a couple of weeks? Chances are that the movie’s marketing machine has beaten you over the head with that information already, but did you know there’s also a Jurassic World mobile game coming out? See? I bet you didn’t know that part yet. It’s called Jurassic World Primal Ops, and it’s a top-down action adventure game with an emphasis on collecting all sorts of cool dinosaurs to battle by your side. Yes, even Blue. The game comes courtesy of Behaviour Interactive and Universal Games and has you playing as a hardened dinosaur handler traveling North America rescuing dinosaurs from those using them for nefarious reasons. You see, with dinosaurs being a normal part of our wildlife, they’ve become targets for poachers and evil science experiments. Once you swoop in and save these dinos from the sticky situation they’re in, they’ll join up with you and provide assistance as you take on more missions and rescue more dinosaurs.

Honestly, the thought of a free to play Jurassic World dinosaur collecting mobile game doesn’t do a whole lot for me on paper, but watching the trailer for Jurassic World Primal Ops and I can’t help but think that this in fact looks really awesome. It kind of looks like Space Marshals with dinosaurs. Also, with the huge variety of different types of dinosaurs in the game, there’s all sorts of opportunity for different kinds of strategies. A ferocious ground attacker in the T-Rex, or a supply-dropping air support in the Pteranodons, or a Triceratops that will trample any bad guys in your path. There are all shapes and sizes of dinosaurs to collect and use in battle. No specific release date for Jurassic World Primal Ops has been announced other than “soon" but given that the latest movie Jurassic World Dominion launches on June 10th I would guess the game would launch somewhere around that same time. In the meantime you can pre-register on the game’s website to unlock some rewards when the game does come out.

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