Indie Live Expo 2022: Soulvars Fatal Error, Bokura, and the 13th Month Announced for Mobile

Over the weekend, the Indie Live Expo 2022 digital showcase took place showcasing various indie games alongside sales on Steam and Xbox. There were also some shadow drop releases including Drainus on Steam from Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth developer Team Ladybug. While most of the announcements were for console and PC platforms, there were three notable ones for mobile. Ginolabo’s deckbuilder RPG Soulvars ($4.99) is getting a prequel in the form of Soulvars Fatal Error for iOS and Android (via Gematsu). Soulvars itself is getting a PC and console version as well in the future. Until Soulvars Fatal Error is out, you can grab the original on iOS here and Android here. Watch the trailer for the English release of Soulvars below:

The 13th Month is a visual novel from developer Kobayashimaru that reimagines Sleeping Beauty in a dark fantasy aesthetic. It is set to launch on iOS, Android, and Steam (via Gematsu) on August 6th worldwide. The Steam page confirms that it will have English support. Watch the trailer for it below:

The final notable mobile announcement os Bokura which is a puzzler for two players. It features co-operation between both players in specific stages and has some great art. The Steam page mentions online co-op support as well and I hope the mobile version also includes online co-op. Check it out on Steam here and watch the trailer for it below:

The Indie Live Expo 2022 can be watched in its entirety for day 1 here and day 2 here. Another showcase is planned for winter this year as well featuring Indie Live Expo Awards. I’m definitely interested in playing The 13th Month as a fan of visual novels, and I finally started playing Soulvars today after grabbing it before when the English update hit. If you’ve just bought Soulvars, head over to our forum thread for impressions and discussion around it. What do you think of the trio of mobile announcements and have you played Soulvars?

[Thanks, Gematsu]

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