Adventure Game ‘Rakuen’ From ‘Plants vs Zombies’ Composer Laura Shigihara Is Coming to Mobile and Nintendo Switch This Year

Over the years, I’ve always recommended Freebird Games’ To the Moon to anyone wanting a memorable adventure game with fantastic music. Everyone who ended up playing it realized how important music was to the experience. The song “Everything’s Alright" from To the Moon is by Laura Shigihara. She also did the music for Plants Vs Zombies which more people are likely familiar with on mobile. Ever since I played To the Moon a long time ago on Steam, I had been following Laura Shigihara’s work because I was hoping to play more games with music by her. She ended up releasing an adventure game a few years ago called Rakuen on PC, and it had gorgeous pixel art with a memorable soundtrack. She just announced that it is coming to Nintendo Switch this year, and also coming to mobile. Watch the Rakuen Switch and mobile announcement trailer below:

Rakuen is a game I’ve hoped would come to both mobile and Nintendo Switch for a few years now. Many of my friends who enjoyed To the Moon back in the day on PC now prefer playing adventure games on portables, so this announcement for Rakuen is a highlight. I’m not going to get into any story spoilers for it, but I love how Rakuen is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to its narrative. For most people who are fans of To the Moon and emotional adventure games, this is going to be a must play and I hope it hits both mobile and Switch soon. For now, Laura Shigihara is aiming to release it this year. It is definitely worth checking out the soundtrack if you’re even remotely interested in the game. Have you played Rakuen on PC or are you planning to get it this year on mobile or Switch?

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