Upcoming Platformer ‘Super Cat Tales: PAWS’ Announced with Fantastic Trailer

One of my all-time favorite platformers for mobile is 2016’s Super Cat Tales from developer Neutronized. And seeing how it was one of my favorites, when its bigger and better sequel rolled around in the fall of 2018 it automatically entered into my favorite platformers list by default. Super Cat Tales 2 truly was a huge step up over the original, with an ingenious touchscreen control scheme, well-designed levels, and a plethora of adorable cat characters. It was about this time of year back in 2020 that the game’s story was wrapped up with the release of the third and final story chapter, and we knew that Neutronized was hard at work on more games in the Super Cat Tales series. Well this week saw the debut of the newest Super Cat Tales game, and it’s titled Super Cat Tales: PAWS. Check out the fantastic trailer.

Neutronized maintains an excellent presence on YouTube where he releases numerous videos on the development process and other aspects of being a solo indie developer, and if you follow that channel chances are pretty good you’ve been watching progress on this new Super Cat Tales game for some time. That also probably means you’re a fan of the other games, and probably recognize the PAWS organization that this new game is based around from Super Cat Tales 2. I love that there is continuity through all 3 Super Cat Tales games, and I also find it interesting that Super Cat Tales 2 was actually a prequel to the original Super Cat Tales story-wise, and now Super Cat Tales: PAWS acts as a prequel to Super Cat Tales 2. This trilogy is going in the opposite direction! No release date has been announced but we’ll certainly be looking forward to Super Cat Tales: PAWS whenever it’s ready.

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