Team Battleground Shooter ‘Catalyst Black’ from ‘Vainglory’ Developers Launches May 25th

When developer Super Evil Mega Corp launched Vainglory nearly a decade ago, it became the first MOBA to break through and achieve any kind of success on the mobile platform. It enjoyed several years of that success before things started to wind down in the face of numerous other MOBA options arriving on mobile, and in 2020, faced with the potential of the Vainglory servers being shut down, Super Evil Mega Corp allowed the community to take things over and for the past couple of years Vainglory has effectively been a community-run game. It was really cool to see the developer step in and save Vainglory from doom, but at the same time they had been putting all of their efforts into a new game called Catalyst Black. It has been in various states of soft launch or testing in the two years since its original unveiling, but this week Catalyst Black finally received an official release date of May 25th as well as a brand new trailer.

Catalyst Black is a team-based battleground shooter where the main focus is on a high level of customization for your characters through the game’s dozens and dozens of different weapons, trinkets, and abilities. It’ll include numerous competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes across a variety of game types, and it will include a novel drop-in feature that’ll allow players to join up with friends who are already in the midst of a match. There’s a big pre-registration campaign going on over at the Catalyst Black website where more rewards are unlocked based on more people pre-registering. The top prize for 1 million pre-registrations is a Flamethrower and, well, who doesn’t want a flamethrower? Pre-registration can also enter you into a raffle with real-world prizes, so head on over to the website to pre-register and look for the very promising Catalyst Black to launch on both iOS and Android devices May 25th.

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