‘Space Marshals 3’ Updated with Chapter 3 Expansion, Bringing the Game’s Story to a Conclusion

As I have mentioned many times before, Pixelbite’s Space Marshals series is probably my very favorite mobile original game series. These are top-down shooter games blended with a hefty dose of stealth and tactical decision-making, which made them stand out from the generally more mindless blast-a-thon top-down shooters that are common on mobile. In November of 2020, Pixelbite released the third game in the series Space Marshals 3 which we chose as our Game of the Week. This game was designed to release episodically, with Chapter 1 available at launch and Chapter 2 coming as DLC in June of last year. The following August, the Bounty Mission Pack DLC was also released, adding 12 new bounty missions and a new Hard Mode to the game as an addition outside the game’s story campaign. Now at long last the final story chapter Chapter 3 is now available in Space Marshals 3.

As you’d expect, Chapter 3 brings 12 new missions across a variety of cool new locales, as well as the addition of new weapons, new gear, and new game mechanics. Like previous chapters, Chapter 3 is available by itself as a $4.99 IAP, or if you have yet to buy the previous chapters you can get them in various bundles which will save you a couple of bucks overall. The base Space Marshals 3 game is free to download and try out the first two levels, with the remainder of Chapter 1 unlocked via IAP. It’s certainly enough of a free taste to decide if this latest Space Marshals game is for you, and then of course there’s now two more full chapters as well as the bounty missions pack available making for loads of content to play through. What’s the future of Space Marshals 3 now that the story is complete? Are there more bounty missions packs in our future or do we start thinking about a Space Marshals 4? Whatever the case I’m always excited for what’s next from Pixelbite.

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