New ‘Terraria’ Update Brings ‘Don’t Starve Together’ Crossover and Content Parity with PC Version to Mobile and Console

It’s hard to believe that Re-Logic’s action platforming sandbox game Terraria has been on mobile for almost a decade now. The initial mobile release in 2013 featured a ton of content, but it was always kind of behind the flagship version on PC. With console ports thrown into the mix in the years that followed, the poor mobile version of Terraria got left in the dust a bit as the developer just didn’t have the time or resources to maintain so many versions of the game.

In late 2018 Re-Logic and publisher 505 Games hashed out a plan to fix that which saw some extra development help step in to maintain the game across all platforms, with a massive version 1.3 update for mobile launching in August of 2019 and bringing the game more closely inline with the PC version. But not quite inline. A little over a year later the big Journey’s End update arrived on mobile and again brought it closer to the PC version of Terraria, but still lagging behind a bit.

Now, as we learned this past November, the mobile versions of Terraria would be getting the Don’t Starve Together crossover update that was hitting PC at that time, and that update would also finally bring the mobile (and console) versions of the game up to date content-wise with the PC version. Today that version 1.4.1-1.4.3 update has finally arrived across mobile devices and consoles.

Now, there is simply too much new stuff loaded into this update to list it all out here, but as always the developers have broken down all the nitty gritty details over on the official Terraria forums, so definitely check that out if you crave more details. You’ll also notice then that there are a few minor things that could not make it into the mobile and console versions of the game for various reasons, like mod support, but by and large these versions of the game have now reached content parity with the PC version.

However, there is the big Labor of Love update coming soon for the PC version that will again throw things out of sync with mobile and PC, but with all these various code bases now aligned the teams involved hope that it will be a much shorter wait to introduce that major update to mobile and console than it had been for previous updates, and once that happens then all versions of the game will truly be on equal ground and then they’ll undertake their most ambitious project yet which is cross-play between all versions. There is no guarantee that they can get cross-play to work, or how long it might take, but it’s the ultimate goal and they’ll be doing their darndest to make it happen.

For the time being though, there should be more than enough to keep even rabid Terraria players on mobile and console busy for the foreseeable future with today’s 1.4.1-1.4.3 updates. It’s incredible just how much Terraria has evolved over the past decade-plus since its original PC release, and for mobile gamers there’s not many better bang-for-your-buck options than the $5 you’ll spend on this pocketable version.

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