Le Pen comments on French election results

National Rally candidate believes the size of her vote represents a sort of "victory"

Marine Le Pen conceded defeat in the French presidential election on Sunday evening, but still described her result as representing a “shining victory in itself.” In the second round, the candidate from the right-wing National Rally party was defeated by the incumbent president, centrist Emmanuel Macron.

Speaking after the announcement of the first exit polls, Le Pen said she has nothing to complain about.

“I have no resentment or bitterness,” she said before expressing her gratitude to all those who supported her in both rounds of the election. The runner up also asked her supporters to vote for her party in the upcoming parliamentary election this summer. 

It has been a long road for Le Pen, the daughter of five-time presidential candidate and far-right heavyweight Jean-Marie Le Pen. The 2022 election was the third one for her. In 2012, she came third with 17.9% of the vote, behind Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarcozy. In 2017, she made it through the first round but had to concede to Macron after receiving just under 34% in the runoff.

In Le Pen’s opinion, her results might mean that France is prepared for change. 

 A great wind of freedom could have risen over the country. 

According to the Elabe Institute’s estimates, Le Pen has gained 42% of the vote while Macron has won the race with 58%. 

In the first round, Macron secured 27.85% of preferences, and Le Pen received 23.15%. Macron’s re-election has apparently come as a relief for a number of other EU countries, as ahead of the election several European leaders called on French voters to support him over his rival.

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