Fight fans stunned by ‘hard to watch’ knockout (VIDEO)

Said Kabil landed a sensational four-strike KO which flattened foe Gary Corbett

Said Kabil laid down a marker for an early contender for the most vicious knockout of the year after scoring a stunning four-strike combo to rubber-stamp his win against rival Gary Corbett at a kickboxing event in London on Sunday.

Kabil first landed a flush axe kick on his foe, and followed it up with a stinging right hook which appeared stiffen Corbett who was, as the old adage goes, out on his feet. 

Living up to his nickname as 'The Sniper', Kabil then added another couple of shots for good measure - a right uppercut and a left cross - as Corbett slowly tumbled backwards to the canvas unconscious. 

Despite the scary-looking KO, Corbett was evidently alright - and even embraced Kabil after regaining his senses.

“Can’t describe the feelings,” Kabil wrote online after the spectacular finish.

“I haven’t fought in two years because of Covid and had no opportunities, I’m finally back and really hungry can’t wait to fight again and take over this division.”

But even if that four-strike combo can be taken as Kabil finally expressing himself after an enforced two-year hiatus to his career as the result of the global pandemic which grossly affected sports of all kinds, some fight fans found the finish a little hard to stomach.

“Whoa. That was brutal,” said one fan online.

“Saw an axe kick connect for the first time. Dude landed so many vicious shots. The other dude never gonna be the same man. Wowwww.”

Another fight fan added: “That was hard to watch. Extra shots + back of his head smacking the canvas.”

“The referee chased him like he was about to arrest him,” added a third.

“Probably should have,” responded another.

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