‘DOOM’ Arrival Add-On Featuring 11 Levels Now Available in ‘DOOM’ and ‘DOOM II’

Bethesda and id Software’s new revamped versions of DOOM ($4.99) and DOOM II ($4.99) have been great after a few updates on mobile and console platforms added many new features to celebrate the anniversary of the franchise. With updates bringing in higher frame rate support, controller support, and even official add-on support, it is hard to not deny the value these new releases offer on all platforms for fans of DOOM. Today, DOOM Arrival has been added to DOOM and DOOM II as a free official add-on for the games. This is a new episode featuring 11 levels from Pavera who worked on some fantastic DOOM add-ons. Bethesda has an interview relating to the Arrival add-on that is worth reading. Check it out here. Watch the DOOM Arrival trailer below:


The Arrival add-on features music from AD_79 as well. Arrival debuted last year, and it is great to see it hit iOS, Android, consoles, and the new PC version of both DOOM games already. Arrival won a Cacoward last year. If you own either of the new versions of DOOM or DOOM II on iOS, Android, console, or PC platforms, you can grab the Arrival add-on for free. Note that you need to be signed into your Bethesda.net account in-game to be able to access this and any other add-ons. The DOOM Arrival add-on download size is 17.08MB. Have you played the new releases of DOOM and DOOM II on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, or any other platform yet?

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