WATCH Russian cops brutally attacked in metro

The fight reportedly broke out when one man refused to give the police his documents

Two men have been arrested in Moscow following a violent brawl with police officers, captured on camera inside a metro station, after one of them refused to comply with a request for identity documents.

The Moscow branch of Russia’s Investigative Committee reported on Friday that the two men, migrants from Tajikistan, had been arrested on charges of committing violence against authorities. They had been in the Tulskaya metro station of the Russian capital when police on duty asked one of them for personal identity documents.

When he refused to go with them, they attempted to detain him. In video footage captured by CCTV, the police can be seen wrestling the resisting suspect to the floor, during which a second man runs up and launches a flying kick at one of the officers, hitting him in the chest. A brief fistfight then breaks out, after which the second man appears to run off.

Authorities reported that one of them was arrested that day, and the other one was apprehended and brought in the next morning. They could face up to five years in prison.

In January, the head of Moscow’s national migration department revealed that the administration was looking into “improving the mechanisms of control over the stay of foreign nationals in Russia,” and said it was possible deportations would be introduced for migrants who had committed “grave administrative offenses, including violations of public order.”

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