Stylish 2D Hack ‘n Slash Action Game ‘Bladed Fury’ Now Available on Mobile

Bladed Fury is a 2D hack ‘n slash action game from NExT Studios and PM Studios that originally launched on PC back in December of 2018 before making its way to consoles just shy of a year ago in March of 2021. Now the title has made its way to iOS devices and, seemingly, Android devices as well, though I have yet to be able to find a link for that yet. You play as Princess Ji who is framed for the murder of her father, the King. A sketchy dude takes power in the absence of your father and kidnaps your sister as well. Let’s just say that Princess Ji is not amused by any of this. She sets out on a journey of vengeance to rescue her sister, avenge her father’s death, clear her own name, and restore peace to her kingdom. Bladed Fury is based on Chinese Mythology and takes place during the Warring States period, and this all translates into an incredibly beautiful visual style as you can see from the game’s console launch trailer.

Being that this is a game that’s been out for a while, there’s no shortage of reviews and impressions on Bladed Fury. The general consensus seems to be that the art, animation, and overall style of the game is exceptional, and there are some spectacular boss encounters. However, the general gameplay can get repetitive and isn’t as robust as some of the similar titles that have released over the years. Also it should be noted that the virtual controls in this new mobile version work well enough but there are zero options for customizing them, which is a shame. Physical controller support also seems to only be half-implemented, which is a double shame. Hopefully these are two things that can be fixed up in an update, but even as is, and especially for the price of just $5, Bladed Fury will provide a decent scratch if you have an itch for a cool new action game.

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