Pre-Registrations Open for ‘Apex Legends Mobile’ Soft Launch in Select Countries on Android

We’re just a few days away from the 3-year anniversary of EA and Respawn surprise launching Apex Legends, their battle royale hero shooter that’s a spin-off game from their excellent Titanfall series. At that time, during an earnings call, EA bigwigs said that they were considering a mobile version of the game at some point. Made sense seeing what juggernauts games like Fortnite and PUBG have become with their mobile versions. In June of 2020 EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson said they were planning to soft launch the game sometime that year, though the limited closed beta test didn’t actually kick off until April of 2021 with several more countries being added the following June. Apex Legends Mobile has been in various forms of soft launch or closed testing for nearly a year now, and today Respawn announced on Twitter that yet another soft launch is coming up on Android for a number of territories.

What’s different about this soft launch you might ask? Well, rumors are suggesting that this will be the final round of soft launching prior to the game’s global release, which has been speculated to be around the end of May. The note above also mentions that players in countries other than those listed, and all iOS players, should stay tuned for more. In case you haven’t been following along too closely, Apex Legends Mobile is actually its own standalone game that will not feature cross-progression with the console or PC versions. That means it will have its own Battle Passes, cosmetics, unlockables, and more that are separate from what’s in other versions of the game. If you are located in any of the countries above then you should be able to pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile on the Google Play Store here. As for the rest of us, well, I guess we’ll just do as they say and stay tuned for more soon.

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