‘Iranian Hulk’ reveals gruelling start to 2022 (VIDEO)

Sajad Gharibi, the 390-pound giant known as the 'Iranian Hulk', did not hold back on his training over the New Year as he prepares for a showdown with 'scariest man on the planet' Martyn Ford

The colossus known as the 'Iranian Hulk' held a five-hour gym session ahead of his fight with fellow behemoth Martyn Ford in 2022.

Otherwise known as Sajad Gharibi, the Hulk has portrayed himself scrapping with several fighters in the gym by using a series of trips, holds and pushes to get out of trouble.

At one point, the trio of men forces him with his back to the wall and he also boxes one of them.

Later, the 30-year-old lifts heavy weights in the footage shared which he shared with his following of almost 660,000 on Instagram.

"Work hard in silence and let success make the noise," wrote the 390lbs bruiser in the caption to the soundtrack-less montage.

"Hey pretty boy, enjoy your remaining days," he added addressing Ford. "I will come to London, 100 percent."

The pair are scheduled to face off at the O2 Arena in the British capital in a boxing match on April 2.

On his own account, 'World's Scariest Man' Ford has also made posts marking the start of a new year.

"And that's what I think of 2021," he wrote to describe a video in which he repeatedly hit a tire with a hammer.

"Remember, only you can control you. Every action has a reaction; make the most out of every opportunity that comes your way.

"No matter what is thrown at you: head high, stay positive and eventually you will come through."

On New Year's Day, Ford revealed another recording of him shadowboxing which full of positive messages.

"2022. Goals?" he asked. "Simple... carry on ignoring those who said I couldn't, those who said I was not good enough and those who bring negativity into my world.

"I'll be avoiding those people like this and I strongly recommend you do the same.

"Get hungry, stay hungry... show them all why you are different. Mindset strong," Ford advised his 3.2 million fanbase, before wishing "all those who bring positivity, encouragement, and happiness into 2022" a happy New Year. 

For both men, the showdown at the 20,000-capacity venue will be their debut in professional fighting amid a shared history in weightlifting and bodybuilding.

While Ford weighs 130kg less than Gharibi, the Birmingham native has a considerable height advantage at 6ft 8in, compared to Gharibi's 6ft 1in frame. 

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