‘Crush the Castle Legacy Collection’ Launching on iOS, Android, and Steam on March 1st

Ever since Angry Birds broke into the mainstream and became a household name more than a decade ago, there’s always been a small niche of people on the sidelines who would pipe up to remind everybody that “Crush the Castle did it first!" Indeed, the popular Flash title from Armor Games did beat Angry Birds to market doing the physics-based building-knocking-over thing before Rovio’s juggernaut franchise, though the truly pedantic among us can’t forget that Castle Clout beat everyone to the punch. Anyway, the point is that it always felt like Crush the Castle never got its fair due in the face of the Angry Birds dominance. Well, Armor Games doesn’t want anyone to forget the O.G. physics destruction game series, so they’re readying a release of Crush the Castle Legacy Collection that includes 3 of the classic games: Crush the Castle, Crush the Castle 2, and Crush the Castle Adventures.

In addition to the base games, the Crush the Castle Legacy Collection will also include the “Player’s Pack" expansions for the first two games, and they’ve also been lightly remastered with upscaled visuals and new achievements. One major point that seems to be forgotten whenever the Angry Birds vs. Crush the Castle argument comes up is that one game has you flinging birds with a slingshot while the other has you launching a variety of crazy objects using a gigantic bad ass trebuchet. I know which of those two things I think is cooler. If you want to relive a bit of nostalgia from an old favorite or want to experience this influential series for the first time, Crush the Castle Legacy Collection will launch on March 1st on iOS, Android, and Steam for $9.99.

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