Beta Testers Needed for Huge Version 2.0 Update to ‘Dungeon Falan’, a Great Homage to ‘Dungeon Raid’

Ya’ll remember Dungeon Raid, right? The phenomenal matching RPG hybrid that launched on mobile more than a decade ago, but was more or less abandoned by its developer only to die a slow death on the App Store before the 32-bit Appocalypse finally did it in for good about 4 years ago. Dungeon Raid was legendary, and sorely missed, and plenty of developers have taken a stab at their own spins on its winning formula. One of the more successful of those homages is a game called Dungeon Falan from developer Burc Tuncer that launched in the fall of 2020. It scratched the Dungeon Raid itch quite well, while also adding its own unique twists to make it feel like more than just a carbon copy.

It was almost a year ago exactly that Dungeon Falan received its last update, which added in new Skills and a cool Boss Rush mode. Burc Tuncer had considered the game complete, and there were no plans to add anything more to it. However, as Tuncer explains in our forums, some major life changes occurred including a move to an entirely new country, and in an effort to feel something familiar he turned to working on his passion project Dungeon Falan once again. So for the past several months a big version 2.0 update has been in the works that will add in new bosses, new skills, a revamped UI, a reworked meta game, and a whole lot more, all of which is laid out in the aforementioned forum thread. You can see the revamped UI in the screenshot to the right.

It sounds awesome, but with such big changes under the hood Tuncer wants to make sure any bugs or problems are worked out before releasing it to the Dungeon Falan-playing world at large. That’s where you can potentially come in. There’s a link to a Testflight version of the new update in that same forum thread as above, so go check it out and put this new version through its paces. Fair warning though: If you have a game currently in progress that you’re particularly fond of, you’ll want to finish it off before diving into 2.0. It may even be necessary to delete the App Store version completely and just download the Testflight version for testing purposes. Once the update is feeling stable it’ll be released as a free update to the existing version of Dungeon Falan, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

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