Steal Your Enemy’s Powers in ‘Mimelet’, a New Platformer from Neutronized that’s Launching in January

Developer Neutronized is probably most well-known for the excellent Super Cat Tales series, but they are seemingly always putting out other unique and colorful titles too. It’s especially impressive considering this is just a solo developer. As work on new Super Cat Tales games continues, the latest of those other unique games that’s just about ready for release from Neutronized is a cute platformer called Mimelet. This isn’t a complicated game to understand. You’ll run and jump through a number of environments, taking on hazards and enemies along the way. You know, pretty standard platformer stuff. What sets Mimelet apart is the main character’s ability to jump on an enemy and steal whatever their special power is, thus giving them the ability to conquer various obstacles in their path. Check out the trailer.

Come across an impassable body of water? Just hop on that water enemy’s head and suddenly you gain the ability to swim. Are a bunch of fire blocks blocking your path? Well, you know what to do: Jump on that fiery bad guy’s noggin and gain a flame ability to burn right through those pesky blocks. It’s a really cool mechanic that should add a lot of variety and puzzle-like elements to all the platforming. Plus it looks like you’ll be collecting fruit along the way, because this game is just that gosh darned cute. Mimelet is available for pre-order on the iOS App Store right now, with a planned release date of January 5th.

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