New US city requires proof of Covid vaccination

In response to rising Covid-19 cases, the city of Boston will soon be requiring both staff and customers of indoor businesses to give proof of their vaccinations against the virus.

Democratic Boston Mayor Michelle Wu announced the new mandate on Monday, saying it will go into effect for all indoor businesses in the city on January 15. It was part of what the mayor dubbed the ‘B Together’ initiative in response to a spike in Covid cases. 

City workers will no longer be given the option of weekly testing and will instead be mandated to get inoculated amid an Omicron wave hitting the city. According to the mayor, over 90% of city employees are already vaccinated. 

“The vast majority of Covid-related hospitalizations are of unvaccinated individuals, which is impacting our entire health care system and compromising the health of our communities,” she said at an event where she was reportedly met with anti-mandate protesters, some chanting, “Shame on Wu.”

The city’s mandate will apply to indoor businesses like gyms, restaurants, theaters, recreation centers. etc. According to the mandate, all citizens ages 12 and up will need to show proof of at least one vaccine jab and, one month later, they will need to prove they are fully inoculated before entering a business. By May, everyone aged five and up will need to show proof of full vaccination. 

One can prove their vaccination status either through a city sponsored app, a physical vaccination card, or a digital image of your vaccination card. The government will be offering webinars to local businesses on how to implement the new mandate.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health reported over 6,000 new Covid cases on Friday, plus 45 deaths, the highest rise in cases and deaths in months. Approximately 68% of Boston citizens are vaccinated right now, the mayor said.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has said he is working with other states to take part in a digital vaccine card program, but has also said that he opposes mandates. 

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