Balance lost: Ropewalker falls in botched circus show (VIDEO)

A circus performance in the city of Tyumen in Russia’s Siberia went terribly wrong after a ropewalker lost his balance and fell on the ring from a significant height.

The risky stunt on Saturday was performed without a safety net and saw the male balancer walking the rope with another female performer standing on top of his head.

The man reached the middle of his route when the rope started shaking violently under him, and he lost his balance.

The assistant had been secured by a wire and escaped unharmed, but the ropewalker collapsed from a height of some six meters to the total shock of the audience.

It was a hard fall, but the man was somehow lucky to escape without any serious injuries.

He hurt his leg and was rushed to hospital where an X-ray revealed that there was no fracture, but only a bad bruise, the local media reported.

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Commenters online have praised the balancer’s courage and wished him a speedy recovery.

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