‘Angry Birds Journey’ Finally Launching Worldwide in January Following Nearly Two Years of Soft Launch

Rovio may be in the midst of reviving the original Angry Birds game, but they also have a new title in the works that’s even closer on the horizon called Angry Birds Journey. And let me tell you, it has been quite the “journey" for this game so far as it’s actually been in development for quite a while. Ok that was bad, I’m sorry. This one first popped on our own radar back in early March of 2020 when it was soft-launched in select regions as Angry Birds Casual. Players of the soft launch confirmed in our forums that it wasn’t just a clever name but that this was a truly accessible and straightforward take on the Angry Birds formula. Refreshingly so, I should add. Then about 9 months later in January of this year the game was re-soft-launched under its new name Angry Birds Journey. Here is the trailer that accompanied that re-soft-launch.

There are actually quite a few other short clips like the one above over on the Angry Birds Youtube channel, and as you can tell this title features a more stylized and almost child-like art style for the characters compared to previous Angry Birds games. It’s kind of like the regular Muppets vs. the Muppet Babies. I don’t know if that’s a conscious effort on Rovio’s part to say “Hey, this is an Angry Birds even young kids can enjoy" or just a style choice, but whatever the case I do dig the art style. Late last week Rovio announced on their blog that this game’s long soft launch journey will finally be coming to an end with the worldwide official launch of Angry Birds Journey in January. No specific date has been announced but until then you can check out the game’s website for pre-ordering on Android or sign up for their newsletter there to get notice of the iOS release.

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