ADL tells Fox News to remove Soros cartoon

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is up in arms over a Fox News cartoon depicting billionaire liberal financier George Soros as a “puppet master” controlling the Democratic Party. The group accused Fox of normalizing antisemitism.

A cartoon by A.F. Branco published on Tuesday by Fox News depicts Soros as controlling Democratic prosecutors who want to end cash bail and defund police departments. The cartoon angered the ADL, which called on Wednesday for Fox to pull it from the internet. 

“As we have told @FoxNews numerous times, casting a Jewish individual as a puppet master who manipulates national events for malign purposes conjures up longstanding antisemitic tropes about Jewish power + contributes to the normalization of antisemitism,” the group posted on Twitter. “This needs to be removed.”

Whatever the overtones, the general thrust of the cartoon is factually correct. Soros is a longtime champion of liberal causes, and in the US, has contributed tens of millions of dollars toward the electoral campaigns of left-wing prosecutors. Some of these Soros-sponsored district attorneys (DAs) now head up prosecutions in cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

In Chicago, Cook County DA Kim Foxx has called for police reform, and, in San Francisco, DA Chesa Boudin has publicly endorsed defunding the police. Other Soros-sponsored prosecutors have ended cash bail and reopened investigations into past police shootings.

The ADL has hounded Fox News before. Back in October, the group’s CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt, wrote to Fox to complain about Tucker Carlson’s documentary series ‘Patriot Purge,’ claiming that Carlson’s defense of the pro-Trump protesters who stormed the US Capitol on January 6 could “catalyze violence, whether directed at the Jewish community or other minority groups.”

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