WATCH: Massive crowd gathers in LA to protest strict vaccine mandates

A huge crowd of Covid-19 vaccine mandate critics, some of them city workers, protested outside City Hall in Los Angeles on Monday to voice objection to an incoming coronavirus inoculation requirement.

The protesters gathered on the same day that a proof of Covid-19 vaccination requirement in Los Angeles goes into effect, which will force patrons to show their inoculation status before entering many indoor establishments. 

Multiple groups were involved in Monday’s demonstrations, including Firefighters for Freedom, founded in August by firefighter John Knox to push for first responders’ rights to refuse vaccines. His organization is one of many to have filed lawsuits against vaccine mandates. The event also invited speakers such as commentator Drew Hernandez.

If unvaccinated past the December 18 deadline, LA city workers will be required to go through at least weekly Covid-19 tests, similar to the requirement put forth by Joe Biden’s administration for any business with 100 employees or more. That potential requirement was put on hold by an appeals court last week, but the White House has said they are ready to “defend” it. 

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At Monday’s protest, numerous city workers and healthcare officials showed their opposition to the mandate, holding signs with messages like ‘Hold the Line’ and ‘We Will Not Comply’, a message that has become a rallying cry for US conservatives. The protest was part of a larger ‘walkout’ initiative for workers across the country to protest the mandates.

One sign at the event depicted Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as the DC comics villain The Joker.

The protest did receive some backlash from mandate supporters, who dubbed the large crowd ‘covidiots’ for the massive gathering, where almost all appeared unmasked.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villaneuva was one of many city officials to warn that mandates will lead to serious staffing issues among first responders and could lead to a 20-30% cut in the workforce.

Organizers behind Monday’s protest have similarly warned that mandates will “cause the loss of a highly trained and skilled workforce in Los Angeles.”

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