WATCH: Illinois prisoner wrestles gun from officer’s holster before being shot by deputy

Video footage posted online shows an Illinois inmate wrestling away an officer’s gun while being brought to court for his trial, only to be shot by a deputy who came to the rescue of the disarmed jailer.

The video begins in a Jefferson County Courthouse garage, with the officer opening a car door for the prisoner, identified by police as 55-year-old Fredrick Goss. The officer then appears to remove handcuffs from Goss, before holding a wheelchair so the apparently injured prisoner can climb into it.

The jailer goes around to the front of the wheelchair, apparently trying to adjust a footrest for the prisoner’s injured leg, when Goss grabs his holstered gun. The two men wrestle for the weapon, rolling on the floor of the garage until Goss gets control of the pistol.

The officer grabs at the inmate’s arms as Goss tries to stand up, but he turns away and covers his face as the prisoner breaks free. A deputy enters the garage through a doorway to the right side and draws his gun as he realizes what has happened. Goss turns and points his pistol toward the deputy before being shot. The clip ends with the deputy standing over Goss with his gun still drawn and the inmate apparently obeying a command to roll over onto his stomach.

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A Facebook post by the Illinois State Police said Goss had been hospitalized, but didn’t provide further details as to his injuries. “To protect the life of the correctional officer and himself, the deputy confronted the armed inmate and was forced to fire his weapon,” the police said. “The inmate was injured by the gunfire. Immediate assistance was requested.”

Goss was reportedly taken to the courthouse last week for his trial in connection with an incident in which he allegedly committed armed robbery and exchanged gunfire with police. He was allowed to be unshackled for his court appearance.

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