Unique Shadow-Based Puzzle Platformer ‘In My Shadow’ Coming to iOS and Mac Next Week

Following its release on PC via Steam in April of this year and on the Nintendo Switch just this past September, developer Playbae Games will now be bringing their gorgeous and unique shadow-based puzzle platformer In My Shadow to iOS and Mac next week. In the game you play as a woman named Bella who, as an adult, is struggling with issues related to a fallout she had with her family years ago. As a way of dealing with this, her childhood memories are played out as shadows on the walls, which in gameplay terms creates platforming levels where you must solve various types of puzzles to get to the bottom of Bella’s emotional distress. Moving objects in the physical space will change the types of shadows that are cast and so you’ll need to figure out the best way to orient those objects in order to complete your goals. It’s a really cool concept which you can see in the following trailer for In My Shadow.

As mentioned In My Shadow has already released on PC and Nintendo Switch, but even before then it has earned all sorts of accolades for its unique concept and style. The game will be launching on iOS and Mac one week from today on November 11th, but if you happen to be in Canada then you can grab it right now as it’s currently soft-launched there. Don’t be scared, though. While soft launches are typically reserved for free to play games, In My Shadow is actually a fully premium game with no ads, online requirements, or IAP and will cost just $4.99. That’ll get you 50 levels to play through including some brand new Toy Train levels, and the game will fully support controllers as well. It looks to be a pretty complete premium package so look for In My Shadow when it arrives on iOS and Mac next week, and in the meantime check out the discussion of the game in our forums.

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