‘The Impossible Game 2’ is Coming to iOS and Android, Launching in Early Access Today

Nowadays you can find brutally difficult precision platformers all over the place, but back in the late 2000s this was still a genre somewhat in its infancy. While I can’t say for sure that it was the first, The Impossible Game was certainly one that made the most noise when it released as an Xbox Live Indie Game way back in 2009. People at the time seemed to be torn between hating the game with every ounce of their being due to its difficulty while simultaneously being compelled to keep trying over and over to see if they could succeed. Yep, that pretty much sums up the “masocore" genre. Anyway, about a year later The Impossible Game made its way to mobile where its one-touch controls and bite-sized style of try-and-retry fit perfectly on the platform. Now, more than a decade later and a true sequel, The Impossible Game 2, is ready to arrive.

As you can see the same precision-based platforming remains, and while the original’s simplistic style is still present there’s definitely a big upgrade in the visuals department for The Impossible Game 2. Where this sequel is definitely not skimping is in the sheer variety of different mechanics and ideas at play. You’ll also notice that there’s an online multiplayer component in the form of a 60 player battle royale-style racing mode as well as a full level editor where players can create and share their own levels online. While no release date has been set just yet, developer Fluke Games is running an early access test of The Impossible Game 2, and over on the game’s website you’ll find a link to their Discord server where you can learn about signing up for that. Otherwise be sure to by an ultra-protective case because there’s sure to be some device throwing when The Impossible Game 2 arrives.

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