Tesla car melted down into bust of Elon Musk

Russian luxury accessory brand Caviar has launched sales of busts of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, which it claims are made from the melted-down parts of a Tesla electric car.

According to the company, it has made 27 of the 20cm-tall (8in-tall) Musk busts as part of a limited-edition set, which is available worldwide at $3,220 each.

“The exclusive, extra-limited version of the desk bust of Elon Musk is no longer just a portrait of the great visionary. This is, one might say, the quintessence of his progressive inventions and ingenious thoughts,”  the company press release says.

The bust was made out of the melted metal of a blue Tesla Model 3, Caviar’s Head of Marketing Dmitry Stolyarov told Business Insider, adding that the sculpture’s likeness of Musk had been especially crafted by a 3D artist. We didn’t download it from the internet,”  he said.

When asked about the discrepancies between the bust design and Musk’s appearance, Stolyarov explained that the goal was not to create photographic accuracy but an image of the inventor in which all his achievements and inventions are reflected.” 

Caviar is also selling iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Max designs made from Tesla parts, starting at $5,600 per item. They have a portrait of Musk in the top right corner – an engraving in copper derived from a Tesla battery.

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