Students killed in Kosovo bus shooting

Three people, including at least one teenage student, were killed in the breakaway Serbian province of Kosovo when one or several gunmen opened fire on a bus. 

A bus driver and two passengers were killed on Friday when unknown assailants attacked the bus they were traveling on in the ethnic Albanian-majority village of Glodjane in the municipality of Decani, local news site Koha reported. 

Besnik Ibraj, Chief of Emergency in the nearby city of Pec, confirmed three deaths, while Koha put the death toll at four, two of whom it reported were teenage students. Former prime minister Ramush Haradinaj said that two students were killed, and that he was “saddened by the criminal attack.”

Two other passengers on the bus were reportedly injured.

The municipality of Decani, like most of the province of Kosovo, is now majority ethnic-Albanian, although it is home to several important religious sites to the Orthodox Serbs. During the Kosovo War of 1998-1999, it was a stronghold of the anti-Serb militia known as the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). Following the war and Kosovo’s split from Serbia in 2008, the area has been rebuilt with funding from western NGOs.

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