‘Rocket League Sideswipe’ Now Available Worldwide on iOS and Android

After many years of players hoping that developer Psyonix would bring Rocket League to mobile, and MANY knock-offs and clones released on mobile since, they finally announced the official mobile entry in the series this past March with a spin-off titled Rocket League Sideswipe. It essentially took everything you knew and loved from Rocket League proper on other platforms but streamlined it for mobile, with play locked to a 2D field and matches being more bite-sized and mobile friendly. Then just a couple of weeks ago Rocket League Sideswipe soft-launched in select regions. I was able to nab it from one of those regions and give it a go for myself, and all I can say is that they absolutely nailed it.

The plan was to continue adding new regions to the soft launch in the coming weeks, with a worldwide rollout hopefully happening before the end of the year. I kind of figured it would slip into next year just given the state of the world in general, so I was pretty surprised to see the game’s Twitter account tweet out that Rocket League Sideswipe is officially available worldwide as of this moment. That was fast! You can find the iOS version on the App Store here, and the Android version on the Google Play Store here. As I alluded to, this game is amazing, but it’s totally free so there’s no reason you shouldn’t just be downloading right this instant to check it out for yourself. If you do, share your thoughts about it over in our forums.

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