‘PUBG: New State’ Is Out Now Worldwide on iOS and Android

PUBG: New State () from Krafton has finally released worldwide on iOS and Android. PUBG: New State is the new generation Battle Royale developed by PUBG Studios aiming to deliver high quality visuals and gameplay. On iOS, PUBG: New State uses the Metal API as well. PUBG: New State was originally revealed a while ago and with new trailers daily leading up to today’s launch, we learned about the map changes, Survivor Pass, and more. PUBG: New State is set decades after the original PUBG and has story missions in addition to daily and weekly ones. Watch the PUBG: New State launch trailer below:

When you launch PUBG: New State, you have to download about 231MB of data on iOS at least. You can sign in using Facebook, Google, Apple, or as a guest. Right now, it seems like servers aren’t live. Things should go live very soon. You can get PUBG: New State on Google Play for Android here and on the App Store for iOS here. Details for the recently revealed Team Deathmatch are here. What do you think of PUBG: New State so far and will you be playing it today and this week?

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