‘Pako 3’ from Tree Men Games Releases on December 2nd Worldwide for iOS with Pre-Orders Now Live, Android Coming Later

We’ve been covering Tree Men Games’ Pako series for a long time now across its spinoffs and numbered entries hitting iOS, Android, and more over the years. The most recent release was Pako Caravan that even arrived on Nintendo Switch and we featured it as our Game of the Week when it hit iOS. Over the weekend, Tree Men Games announced revealed Pako 3 for iOS and is releasing very soon worldwide. Pako 3 goes back to the original car chase gameplay style with loads of levels and cars to unlock. Pako 3 will launch with over 30 levels to unlock with unlocking and painting support for cars in addition to leaderboards, achievements, and iCloud save support. Watch the Pako 3 trailer below:

Pako 3 launches on December 2nd worldwide for free on iOS. As of now, it features an in app purchase to remove ads and one to unlock everything. The aesthetic is gorgeous in the trailers and the screenshots on the App Store. If you’d like to check Pako 3 out when it launches next month, you can pre-order it here for free on the App Store. Tree Men Games have been asked about Android and responded confirming that Android would be coming later but it is in the works. Ahead of the Pako 3 release date, you can check out Pako, Pako 2, Pako Caravan, and Pako Forever. Head over to our forum thread for Pako 3 here. Have you played the Pako games yet and will you be picking up Pako 3 at launch on December 2nd?

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