NFL player posts disturbing gun video, refuses to come out of house after police intervene

Police were forced to visit the home of NFL star Everson Griffen after he posted a gun video on social media and told his agent that he believed people were trying to kill him.

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Griffen has been reported as having a history of mental health issues stretching back to 2018, when he had to live in a sober house.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, local police in Minnetrista in the Minneapolis-St Paul Metropolitan Area were called to his house where Griffen fired a weapon.

"Shortly after 3 am, Griffen called 911 from the residence and said someone was inside his home and that he needed help from the police. Griffen also told the 911 dispatcher that he fired a weapon but nobody was injured," it read.

In the 30-second clip in question that has been widely described as "disturbing", Griffen held a handgun and said: "Yo, yo, yo. I'm in my house. N*ggers trying to pop me. I still got clips left.

"This is my gun, .45 Wilson combat, registered to me," Griffen continued.

"I bought all my bullets around town."

Claiming that Vikings running back Dalvin "helped me purchase this gun," Griffen also remarked: "It all belongs to me and they are registered to me, so I know exactly where I bought them. I got the card I have them on. I have everything."

On their Twitter account, the Vikings posted a video of Cook saying: "That's my brother. I just want him to be okay."

Back on Griffen's Instagram, the video has been taken down, as have screenshots of an exchange with agent Brian Murphy where he ordered his representative to call 911 as people were trying to "kill" him.

Police attending the property where married father of three Griffen is holed up have said that he refuses to come out of his home. But they do believe he is alone. 

Later on Wednesday morning, the Vikings confirmed they had headed to Griffen's residence to try and calm him down. 

"Vikings representatives and the team's mental health professionals have been on-site at Everson Griffen's home since early this morning and are cooperating with law enforcement", said their statement to this end. 

"Our only concern at this time is the safety and well-being of Everson and his family. We will have further comment at the appropriate time."

This is not the first time that the 33-year-old has suffered an apparent mental health crisis. 

In 2018, he apologized for a "nervous breakdown" after allegedly threatening to shoot staff at the Hotel Ivy and threw himself from a moving ambulance after agreeing to be seen at the hospital.

"I apologize for not being able to take the field with my teammates and do not have an exact timeline for my return," Griffen wrote at the time, as his wife revealed he suffered from mental health problems and hadn't slept for days.

"I promise, however, I will return as a much-improved person and player," he added. 

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