Multiplayer Point and Click Adventure Game ‘The Past Within’ from Rusty Lake Gets New Trailer, Coming Q2 2022

Rusty Lake’s multiplayer point and click adventure game The Past Within was announced for release this year back in January. I’m a big fan of Rusty Lake’s work and was pretty intrigued by the premise for The Past Within when it was revealed. Unlike the developer’s prior games, The Past Within is a co-op point and click adventure game where one player experiences the past while the other experiences the future. Your aim is to solve puzzles while communicating with each other to piece together the mysteries around Albert Vanderboom. Back when it was announced, The Past Within was set for 2021 and today we have a release window for the game alongside a new gameplay trailer. What made The Past Within even more exciting is the fact that it features 3D environments which are new to the Rusty Lake universe. It also features cross platform play. Watch the new The Past Within trailer below:

The Past Within has entered its final stages of development and is aiming for an early Q2 2022 launch on iOS, Android, Steam,, and Nintendo Switch. Before The Past Within launches, you really should check out Rusty Lake’s other releases if you haven’t before. The Cube Escape and Rusty Lake games are worth checking out. As of now, a price point hasn’t been revealed yet. You can wishlist The Past Within on Steam here. The Steam page has new screenshots as well. I’m very excited to see how The Past Within turns out when it finally releases. What is your favorite Rusty Lake release and what do you think of The Past Within so far?

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