Jake Paul lover challenges rival Tommy Fury’s girlfriend to mud wrestling match (PHOTOS)

The partner of YouTube prankster-turned-boxer Jake Paul has challenged his next opponent Tommy Fury's girlfriend to a mud wrestling contest while the two men do battle in the ring in Florida.

Paul, who was last seen in the squared circle beating former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley by a controversial points decision in late August, will take on the half-brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury on December 18.

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As revealed by Paul himself and the Furys' father John, the American has made a list of whacky demands such as Tommy Fury changing his name to 'Tommy Fumbles' if Paul beats him, with the Mancunian winning an extra $500,000 should he become the victor.

Side wagers have also been attempted by Paul's partner Julia Rose, who has suggested that her opposite number, former Love Island contestant Molly-Mae Hague, might not have the same faith in her man as Julia boasts in Jake.

"I tried having a bet," she revealed to TMZ Sports.

"She didn't respond. Molly's not too confident in her man."

Then asked by the TMZ reporter if she'd ever share a ring with Molly-Mae, Rose, who often goes to Jake's fights to cheer him on, conjured up a potential clash.

"We could mud wrestle," she said of a potential match-up between the pair. 

Meanwhile back in Fury camp, Tyson has shared a short clip of him putting Tommy through his paces.

Standing over the grounded 22-year-old, the Gypsy King repeatedly slammed a medicine ball into his stomach. 

Catching wind of this, Paul approved and shared the footage in an Instagram story.

"They're working," he wrote alongside a clapping emoji.

Later, though, he uploaded a photo of himself on a treadmill with a Bane-like mask on and added: "But so are we."

Elsewhere, Paul, speaking to USA Today Sports, has talked about taking over the sweet science.

"I think you're just born with it or something," Paul quipped as per his unwavering confidence.

"I just can't lose. It's not an option. I have won my whole life at anything I decided to do. I don't see why I can't take over the sport of boxing and become one of the biggest prize fighters in the world. 

"As a man, facing another man in the ring, I am prepared to die. So going in knowing that, gives you the ultimate confidence because I am not afraid of anything and nothing can stop me," he concluded. 

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