‘I’d rip him up’: Conor McGregor reacts to taunt from UFC champ Petr Yan with order to ‘set this up’

Conor McGregor wants a date with UFC title holder Petr Yan after the Russian star insisted the ex-champ would not turn up to a fight between the pair.

New interim bantamweight champion Yan is one of the most feared names in the sport, although he would need to add a few pounds to take on McGregor in the featherweight or lightweight divisions the Irishman once ruled.

After compulsive tweeter McGregor claimed there is "no-one even remotely close to my boxing in the UFC", Yan spotted that the most high-profile active name in the sport had voiced his admiration for him.

That tempted 'No Mercy' to fire back with a dig of his own that appeared to succeed his would-be rival.

"Conor, we all know that you like to talk but let’s get straight to the point," said Yan.

"If you really want to box or to fight, I don’t care about the weight or the rule set. I bet you won’t show up."

Braggart McGregor condescendingly laughed: "No problem, littler. We will set up a spar or something similar in the near future.

"Will host you and your team in Ireland for one of our shows at Crumlin Boxing Club. We will figure it out then, kid. God bless ya."

Fans eager to see the proposed showdown may be encouraged about the chances of that happening by McGregor and Yan both holding deals with Parimatch.

While McGregor told the company to "get this set", Yan tagged them as he warned the more experienced man: "Don’t forget actions speak louder than words.

"Start preparing – you will need to tighten up your boxing to at least third-class sportsman."

Yan replied with the Irish greeting of "slainte" and told McGregor: "We can play if you don’t want to decide the matter seriously. Just let me know if you will have enough gas for 12 rounds, kid."

The exchange was part of a busy day of barbs for McGregor, who had initially called Yan "good" and said: "I like his style. I’d rip him up in that shell, though."

Recognizing potential foe Jorge Masvidal's 37th birthday, he called the American a "b*tch" for "bottling" a fight against Leon Edwards by pulling out of the contest.

"F*ck your 'injury'," railed McGregor, who is continuing his recovery from the gruesome leg injury that signaled his second defeat to Dustin Poirier.

"You sign to fight, you fight. Strip that belt from him that he never even won. Hoe in a housecoat.

"The f*ck was that about as well? Last season's Versace house coat. What the f*ck?"

Responding on what was also the fifth anniversary of McGregor's knockout beating of Eddie Alvarez to win the lightweight title and become a two-weight champion, Masvidal taunted: "I guess you’re off your meds again, barking up the wrong tree.

"Don’t be upset your client was about to be blessed with the biggest payday of his life and now you don’t get a dime off his whack ass [after losing to Poirier]. Too much for you, little guy – go back to fighting old dudes in bars."

McGregor still spotted the post even though he was not namechecked, referencing reputedly low fighter pay by riposting: "Yes, OK sweetheart.

"Stick the kettle on for me in your little housecoat there. Me and [Monster Energy representative] Hans [Molenkamp] have a meeting about your pity wage today."

Masvidal retaliated: "Pipe down there, little guy. I’m in a good mood so go annoy someone else before I put out the contract to get you hospitalized again."

Yan won his belt via a decision victory after an epic fight with Cory Sandhagen at UFC 267 last month.

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