France detects multiple suspected Omicron cases

France's Ministry of Health has announced that they have found eight possible cases of the Omicron variant, as countries around the globe struggle to contain the spread of the heavily-mutated coronavirus strain.

France's Health Ministry announced on Sunday that they are working to confirm the possible eight cases of the variant found. In a statement, it was revealed that all those being tested have traveled to southern Africa within the past two weeks. They have been quarantined and their contacts have been warned. 

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Keep borders open despite Covid variants, WHO pleads

French Minister of Health Oliver Veran said on Sunday morning it was only a “matter of hours” before cases of the new variant were discovered in the country.

The Omicron variant has been detected in several countries previously, leading to travel restrictions to be put in place by the US and other nations against South Africa and several other nations where the variant has been spreading. 

The World Health Organization addressed the Omicron variant this week, saying they oppose closing borders at the moment, saying there is still very little known about the variant and whether it causes more severe side effects or is more transferable.

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