‘eFootball 2022’ Delayed to Spring 2022 on iOS and Android to Work on Improving the Overall Quality

Since the initial reveal, Konami has slowly showcased more of eFootball 2022 for mobile, consoles, and PC platforms. If you’ve not kept up with it, eFootball 2022 is a drastic change to Konami’s eFootball PES series with a new engine and a focus on cross platform play with seasonal content and more planned. Today, Konami has announced that the update to eFootball PES 2021 (Free) on iOS and Android that would upgrade it to eFootball 2022 has been delayed to spring 2022. The initial release window was autumn 2021. If you already play the game on mobile, details for what carries over to eFootball 2022 are here. Watch the eFootball 2022 gameplay below:

eFootball 2022 recently arrived on console and PC platform with a roadmap of upcoming modes and features. It was met with a lot of criticism and low scores. The 1.0.0 update for eFootball 2022 on consoles and PC was also delayed. Check out the eFootball 2022 roadmap here from the original game announcement. Check out the official website here. Konami also confirmed that eFootball 2022 carry over data will still include the eFootball Points but the publisher will announce how it will make sure that the points don’t expire before the update arrives in spring 2022. Ahead of the eFootball release, you can check out the currently available eFootball PES 2021 worldwide on iOS and Android. Check it out on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. What do you think of eFootball being free to play on everything including PC, mobile, and consoles?

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