Bare-knuckle queen Gonzalez pledges to ‘smash’ rival Hart as warring rivals collide after ‘fake t*ts’ jibe

Bare knuckle fighter Pearl Gonzalez has pledged to put a beating on rival – and Paige VanZant conqueror) –Britain Hart, days after the two collided in a feisty press event in a hilarious, x-rated exchange.

The undefeated duo clash on Friday night after just days after their press conference erupted into chaotic scenes about fake Louis Vuitton outfits and even faker breasts but as Gonzalaz told MMA Fighting, this fight means more to her than just getting an opportunity to finally shut her rival's mouth.

1-0 in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship ring, Gonzalez said that she has been seeking this opportunity ever since former UFC champ Daniel Cormier sent her a video of Hart talking smack, and explained that the opportunity to put fist to face was too good to resist.

"I wanted it so bad," Gonzalez said. "'DC' sent me a previous interview and was like, 'Who is this girl?' She was talking all this sh*t about how I'm an easy fight. That was what really motivated me for this fight. I'm going to prove to this girl that I'm not an easy fight, and she' very, very mistaken right now.

"I love the fact that she is looking past my years of experience in MMA. She's looking past all of the big names that I've fought and the levels of MMA that I've fought on."

Gonzalez has years of experience in the cage from her spells with the all-female fight league Invicta as well as the UFC.

But with Hart having a relatively extensive – at least comparably – history in boxing, she comes into the fight in confident form, especially after shutting up another UFC exile, Paige VanZant, earlier this year.

'The Chi-Town Princess' is warning that her boxing experience will count for little in the bare-knickle realm.

"Yes, she has much more striking experience but she doesn't have more fight experience," she explained. "I've 17 years of combat sports [experience]. For her to think that I'm an easy fight? Cool, I love it.

"Never have I wanted to step inside of a ring, octagon, cage with someone and beat the sh*t out of them [as much as this]. And Britain Hart, she's motivated me to do that.

"I'm so prepared for whatever style she brings. She wants to fight crazy? Cool. She wants to grapple? I love it, bring it. Whatever this woman wants to do I'm ready for it."

Hart, of course, is no easy task for any woman. All you have to do is ask VanZant, or the two others she has defeated this year – but Gonzalez says that her steely determination will rise to the top when they set foot in the squared circle on Friday night.

"I'm going to outclass this woman in every area of the fight," she declared.

"I'm going to smash this girl. I'm going to outclass, outwork, outstrike this girl and make her look like she deserves to look like - like she doesn't belong in there with me."

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