Unlock the LEGO Version of the McLaren Senna GTR Supercar in ‘Asphalt 9’ During Limited Time Grand Prix Event Starting Today

As we detailed last week, in just a couple of days the Senna Forever expansion will be hitting retro-revival racing game Horizon Chase, but that’s actually not the only mobile gaming homage to the legendary F1 driver Ayrton Senna that you can play this week. Gameloft’s Asphalt 9: Legends is also honoring the driver by featuring a supercar that was named in his honor, the McLaren Senna GTR. And in fact this crossover goes one layer deeper because the McLaren Senna that is currently featured in Asphalt 9 is actually the version that is available as a real life LEGO Technic model. This is almost too much cool stuff in one package to handle. Check out the LEGO McLaren Senna in action in the following trailer.

There is something really cool about seeing a lego car driving in the game. For those unaware, the LEGO Technic line is a series of more advanced LEGO builds that often have complex functionality and also mimic real-world vehicles and objects. As a huge fan of LEGO as a kid, I’ve often wanted to pick up a new set over the years as an adult, but I just don’t trust my impulse control with this kind of thing. However, the McLaren Senna Technic set wouldn’t be a bad place to jump in as it’s only $50, compared to some of the other Technic line that can run several hundred or more. But, knowing myself, that kit will be the first domino in a chain reaction that sees me going broke buying LEGO sets every day. I must. Stay. Strong.

Maybe a good compromise is to try my hand at the LEGO McLaren Senna Grand Prix which is kicking off in Asphalt 9 today and running through October 30th. Oh who am I kidding, I’m totally buying that kit too.

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