Unique Perspective Puzzler ‘Moncage’ Releasing on iOS, Android, and PC November 16th

Just shy of a year ago developer Optillusion and publisher XD Network announced their perspective-shifting puzzler Moncage and their intention of releasing the game across multiple platforms including mobile in 2021. Now they are making good on that promise as they’ve finally announced a release date for Moncage on iOS, Android, and PC. The game itself uses an extremely clever concept where you’re given a cube and on each face of that cube is a different fully 3D scene. You can move the cube around to get different perspectives and look “inside" the tiny scenes, but the goal is to actually situate your view in just the right way to solve different types of puzzles. For example there could be an object at the edge of one scene on the cube that aligns just right with an object from an adjacent scene to create one unified object, and that object then becomes a part of the game and can change or affect what is happening in a scene. I feel like I’m doing an extremely poor job of explaining this, but it makes a whole lot more sense if you watch this latest trailer for Moncage.

See? Pretty cool, huh? There is an overarching narrative to Moncage that is told via hidden photographs that you’ll discover by poking around enough in the game’s 50 different scenes, and there are more than 60 puzzles to solve throughout the entire game. If you get stuck at any point the game offers a handy hint system that can be as subtle as highlighting key items in a scene or offering some text clues to full video walkthroughs that can be unlocked if you are just absolutely stumped. Moncage has been in the works for a few years now and has turned many heads during that time due to its unique mechanics and gorgeous visuals. As you saw in the trailer above, it’s finally ready for release on November 16th and it’ll run you $14.99 on PC and just $4.99 on iOS or Android. I’ll certainly be first in line to pick Moncage up when it hits next month.

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