The Terminator and Tons of New Content Comes to ‘Contra Returns’ in Latest Update

The ’80s were a crazy time, man. We liked our action movies with big buff dudes and tons of explosions, and video games would often follow a similar formula. Two of the biggest action stars in the ’80s were Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, so when Konami created the original Contra in the late ’80s they wanted to draw from that star power but didn’t want to or couldn’t license the actual likenesses of those stars. Enter Bill and Lance, the stars of Contra and dead ringers for Arnie and Sly. Like very obvious dead ringers. Anyway, over the summer TiMi Studios brought their modern revival Contra Returns to mobile gamers in the West after it had already been enjoyed by lots of players overseas for the past several years. Today they are kicking off the first big crossover event and it’s with none other than The Terminator himself. Yes, after 30+ years of generic Arnold a Contra game is finally getting actual Arnold. Well, Arnold’s official likeness as The Terminator, at least. Check the trailer.

The Terminator character comes alongside all sorts of other goodies in this latest Contra Returns update, including new skins, new weapons, a new coop mode, a new roguelike mode, a new PvP mode, a new Halloween boss called The Turkeynator (said in Arnold voice, of course), and so much more. If you haven’t checked out Contra Returns before, it’s actually surprisingly good considering how beloved classic properties being converted into modern mobile games normally goes. Yes, it’s free to play as heck, but it plays really well and pays proper homage to the Contra series while also bringing in some cool new ideas. It’s worth checking out for sure and is available for free on both iOS or Android, and all the new content and The Terminator stuff is live in the game right now.

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