TGS 2021: ‘Echoes of Mana’ Release Window Revealed with First Gameplay and New ‘Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier’ Gameplay Trailer

TGS 2021 is still going on and Square Enix had two big mobile announcements and reveals today. Alongside the announcement of a mobile port of the Trials of Mana ($23.99) remake, Echoes of Mana was revealed for iOS and Android. The free to play game set for a release in multiple regions worldwide got its first gameplay trailer today. Echoes of Mana includes characters from prior games with players getting the option to play as Kilt (male) or Kilte (female) as the protagonist. There are worlds from older Mana games and original ones built for Echoes of Mana. Watch the first Echoes of Mana gameplay trailer from TGS 2021 below:

The previously revealed Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is a battle royale experience where you try to be the last Soldier standing as you make use of weapons, magic, switch styles, and deal with very tough beasts on the map. You can level up and earn more weapons by defeating them. At TGS 2021, Square Enix had a new gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is still set for release this year on iOS and Android. Watch the new TGS 2021 trailer below:

Echoes of Mana is set for a Spring 2022 release on iOS and Android for free. Until Echoes of Mana gets more details and pre-registration, you can play Adventures of Mana (remake) and Secret of Mana, and the recently released Trials of Mana remake on iOS and Android. What do you think of Square Enix’s TGS 2021 reveals and gamepaly?

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