‘Project Cars GO’ Shutting Down Just 7 Months After Launch

If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that the mobile gaming market is BRU-TAL. Just barely 7 months after its global launch, Project Cars GO from Gamevil and Slightly Mad Studios is shutting its doors for good on November 30th. You may recall that this collaboration between the two studios to bring the popular Project Cars series to mobile was originally announced way back in May of 2018. Things were pretty quiet on its progress until about a year ago when a beta test kicked off and an official trailer was released. It was then just this past March that Project Cars GO officially launched worldwide. The game was a single-button racer that played like a quick-time-event version of a racing game, and while that sounds pretty awful as I type it out, it was actually surprisingly fun.

It never ceases to amaze me how ruthlessly companies will cut the cord on a free to play mobile game if things don’t go according to plan. I mean I get it, these games are majorly expensive to run in the first place, and if the revenue doesn’t roll in to at least offset the cost, then you’ve got to either hunker down for a major overhaul (which will cost even MORE money) or just throw in the towel. It’s a shame because Project Cars GO is such a gorgeous looking game, and like I mentioned, for what it was it was pretty darn fun. It’s clear a lot of time and effort and money went into making this game, so it’s too bad to see it all come to an end so shortly after getting off the ground.

The in-game Hive notice system has all the details regarding this shut down. Starting this Sunday you won’t be able to download the game any longer and all the in-app purchasing will be disabled. The game will remain playable until the full service shut down date which is November 30th. There will be a process for players who have spent money on in-game currency that goes unused by that date to receive refunds, and again the Hive notice in-game is where you can find the details regarding that. For the next month though, I’d urge anybody who hasn’t checked out Project Cars GO yet to at least give it a download before Sunday to see what it was all about. Hopefully the Project Cars series can find its way back to mobile in some other form sometime in the future.

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