‘Plant with Care’ is a Chill Gardening Puzzler Launching October 31st with Pre-Orders Available Now

Prolific developer Tepes Ovidiu, who you may know from the likes of Not Chess, Memory Stamps, The Longest Drift, and many more, has announced another new gaming project that’s set to release in just a couple of weeks. This new game is called Plant with Care, and has you playing a farm-to-fork chef that needs to brush up on the “farm" part of the equation. You’ll do this by planting various types of crops in your plot of extremely fertile soil. The problem is that your plot has limited space and each type of crop has its own requirements in terms of how much space it needs to grow, and so you’ll need to, ahem, plant with care to grow a garden bursting with ingredients.

Like many of Ovidiu’s games, Plant with Care has an ultra-chill vibe and offers up 72 hand-crafted levels to complete with multiple difficulty options and no time requirements. Just relax and grow some veggies, man. There’s also no ads, IAP, online requirements, or data collection. Buy the game up-front for two bucks and that’s it. Speaking of, you can pre-order Plant with Care on the App Store right now, and since the game’s release date is set for October 31st aka Halloween you can unlock 5 spooky themed levels by pre-ordering ahead of its release. Spooky, relaxing, and gardening? That is quite the trifecta right there. Look for Plant with Care when it hits at the end of the month.

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