New ‘Super Cat Tales 2’ Update Brings Halloween Mini-Game and iPhone 13 Support

It’s become somewhat untenable to post about every holiday or seasonal update a mobile game does, because they basically ALL do it, but when it’s a game the caliber of Super Cat Tales 2 and it’s the first update for the game for quite some time, well that’s reason to make some noise. It was just over 3 years ago that developer Neutronized released Super Cat Tales 2, a bigger and better follow-up to the already fantastic original. We picked it as our Game of the Week when it came out, and its epic storyline was released in an almost episodic fashion, with the second chapter coming in an update in spring of 2019 and the third and final chapter coming about a year later. There have been some other more minor updates peppered in there as well as updates adding support for new devices and such, but there hasn’t been anything very significant for quite some time. Until this week when Neutronized pushed out a new Halloween update for Super Cat Tales 2. Check out the trailer.

The update features a new Halloween mini-game where you fend off hordes of zombies using the game’s adorable cast of kitty characters and your choice of 3 different weapons: candy corn, bubble gum, or cotton candy. Are we trying to kill these zombies with cavities or…? Well, whatever does the trick I guess. You can hop right into the new Halloween mini-game right from the Jack-O-Lantern icon on the game’s title screen. If you haven’t played a Super Cat Tales game before, they are platformers that feel like the level of quality you’d get from Nintendo back in the 16-bit days, but with a really unique control scheme built specifically for touchscreens. It kind of breaks your brain at first if you’re used to traditional control schemes, but with some practice they reveal themselves as a superior way to play a platforming game without physical buttons. I can’t recommend it enough especially since it’s free to try and this latest Halloween update is as good a reason as any to finally dive in.

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