Missiles ‘aimed at Moscow’: Adviser to Ukraine’s Zelensky warns Kremlin that war with Kiev would spell ‘end of Russia’ & its army

Kiev is working on long-range missiles that can reach Moscow, and Russia's President Vladimir Putin needs to realize that any attack on Ukraine could see his entire country obliterated, a top Ukrainian official has warned.

Speaking to the Dom TV network, Alexey Arestovich warned the Kremlin that his country would soon have the ability to hit the Russian capital with its missiles. Arestovich serves as an adviser to the office of Ukraine’s leader Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Putin will get to the point, in the foreseeable future, where Ukrainian missiles will be aimed at Moscow, and for one simple reason: we are working on a missile program,” he explained. “And our operational-tactical missiles will be able to reach Moscow.”

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In Arestovich’s opinion, the Russian Army is already aware of Ukraine’s military capabilities, and the heads of the armed forces are telling the Kremlin that an attack on Ukraine “would be the end of the Russian army and the end of the Russian Federation.”

“This is an absolutely losing option. They cannot fail to understand that,” he added. “And when they scare us with an invasion, an expansion, a hint of threats – it’s a bluff.”

In recent times, the Ukrainian leadership has brought up possible war with Russia on numerous occasions, despite Moscow’s insistence that it has no desire for any conflict. Last week, the commander of Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces Grigory Galagan called for “all regions” of the country to have their defenses bolstered, claiming that there is “no guarantee Russia won’t invade and subsequently escalate.”

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Last month, Zelensky claimed that there was a possibility of a full-scale war with Russia and accused Moscow of not respecting his country’s independence.

On Wednesday, Britain’s The Times reported that London is in talks with Ukraine to sell it missiles for the first time, including the state-of-the-art Brimstone.

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