Latest FMV Game from Wales Interactive, ‘Bloodshore’, Gets New Trailer and November 3rd Release Date

About a month ago developer Wales Interactive announced their latest full motion video game adventure titled Bloodshore for all major consoles, PC, and iOS. Wales is quite well-known for being front and center during the FMV game revival of the past decade, and it was just a little over two weeks ago that another of their FMV games called I Saw Black Clouds landed on iOS. For Bloodshore, the premise is that you’re a contestant on a morbid game show called Killstream where you’re dropped on an island with other players and must remain the sole survivor to earn a huge cash prize. While the game was introduced via a teaser trailer last month, this week Wales has released a much lengthier trailer giving you an even better idea of what’s in store with Bloodshore. Check it out.

There’s a campy tone and dark humor to Bloodshore as it seems to be a commentary on all sorts of popular subjects like battle royale games and social media obsession while also paying homage to films like The Running Man and The Purge. The game will feature more than 8 hours of video footage, the most for any game from Wales thus far, and the story will play out based on the decisions you make as the player. Alongside this new trailer they’ve also announced a firm release date for Bloodshore, which will be making its way to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and iOS on November 3rd. I’m actually a big fan of the surprising revival of the FMV genre in recent years and am liking what I’ve seen of Bloodshore so far, so I’ll certainly be checking it out when it hits early next month.

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