‘Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut’ Is Out Now on iOS, Android, and PC Platforms with a Nintendo Switch Release Coming Very Soon

Kathy Rain from Clifftop Games and Raw Fury hit iOS back in 2016, and it has been supercharged with Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut ($4.99) out now. Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut is a new release on all platforms including an extended storyline, more than 700 lines of new voiced dialogue featuring the original voice actors, widescreen support, new areas and puzzles, full controller support, and more. If you’ve not played the original, this is likely going to be the best way to experience the story. Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut follows a journalist investigating the death of her grandfather and it is set in the 90s. Watch the Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut launch trailer below:

As revealed before, Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut will also have a more satisfying ending according to the developers. Read our original review of Kathy Rain. If you’d like to play Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut, you can buy it on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. It is also on PC via Steam. The Steam version includes a 50% loyalty discount for existing owners of Kathy Rain, but there is no loyalty discount for mobile. The game itself is priced at just $4.99 on iOS and Android with it priced at $14.99 on PC platforms including GOG and Steam. It will be out very soon on Nintendo Switch. Check out the Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut Steam page here for more screenshots. Have you played Kathy Rain already and will you be picking up Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut today?

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