‘Jumanji: The Curse Returns’, a Digital Version of the Fictional Board Game from the Movies, is Heading to Mobile Next Month

Hey, remember Jumanji? No, not the more recent sequels with The Rock and Jack Black, but the original 1995 film starring Robin Williams? Yeah that one. Did you know it has been 26 years since that came out? Pretty crazy how time flies. Even crazier is that 26 years is the span of time that Robin Williams’s character Alan gets stuck inside of the Jumanji game before being released again by the kids in the 1995 movie. Just a quirky little fun fact, eh? Anyway, I bring this all up because Marmalade Game Studio is getting ready to release a digital version of the fictional board game from the original Jumanji movie on mobile devices. The game is called Jumanji: The Curse Returns and it already launched on Steam last month, check out that version’s trailer.

Jumanji: The Curse Returns is a cooperative game for 4 players, and these forthcoming mobile versions will include cross-platform play with the Steam version on PC. You’ll be able to link up with other players either through public lobbies or by creating a private game and inviting only who you want. And if you’re short on players then AI players will fill out your squad for you. The mobile versions of Jumanji: The Curse Returns will be launching with brand new features including new power-ups, items, and encounters which will also make their way to the Steam version in due time. More updates are planned for all platforms including a new Winter Lodge map that will be arriving this winter. Making a real digital version of a fake board game seems like a pretty strong idea and if you want to get in on the Jumanji: The Curse Returns action ahead of its expected November 17th launch you can pre-order the game on iOS or Android right now.

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